Thursday, August 01, 2013

Selznick and NeoRealism

An excellent video, "What is Neorealism?" was recently posted over on vimeo, created by filmmaker Ernie Park for Sight & Sound Magazine's May 2013 issue.

 The video essay examines the two stylistically different films that resulted from independent Hollywood producer David O. Selznick's collaboration with Italian NeoRealist filmmaker Vittorio DeSica. Theirs' was an unusual collaboration - one of Hollywood's top moguls, and one of the leading filmmakers of the emerging NeoRealist movement coming out of postwar Italy. I remember reading years ago that David O. Selznick had expressed an interest in producing DeSica's THE BICYCLE THIEF, provided it could star Cary Grant. As absurd as it sounds, I wonder what kind of film would have resulted from such a project?

 In any case, the idea of Selznick and DeSica remains an intriguing if apparently unsuccessful one. Maggie Lange's piece over at Gawker explains that their approaches did not jive, however, which resulted in two different films from the footage that came out of the project.


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