Friday, April 06, 2018

Saul Levine again

I read an excellent piece in Diabolique Magazine about the Saul Levine-MassArt incident. According to the article, this is part of a new series called "Watching the Watchdogs", which "pays attention to the stifling of creativity, information, and political beliefs that are currently under attack by forces on both the right and left."

The series sounds like it will be a breath of fresh air to combat the stifling conservatism (from the both sides of the political spectrum) -- all too prevalent in these times -- that only serves to hold back meaningful artistic expression and discourse. The need for artists to be able to speak the truth, as they see it, and to be able to share their ideas without fear of being shut down because of disagreement, is more important than ever, and it's troubling that there isn't more of an outcry against this kind of constrictive attitude toward difficult or challenging work.

From the article:
"How can people learn and develop in environments like this if they have closed minds locked in concrete? Students deserve better than just shutting down things they don’t like. There is nothing academic about that. Teachers deserve better than this too. American culture and higher education have failed Saul Levine. If you ever watch any of his films, you will realize he has been fighting against hypocrisy like this for his entire career. It is a worthy and necessary fight."
You can read the full article here:

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