Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Tomorrow at Seven (1933)

I was in the mood for watching a light mystery before bedtime, and this little whodunit fit the bill. Chester Morris stars as a crime novelist, researching his latest book by investigating the identity of a killer known as "The Black Ace" (because of his calling card announcing the time of his next murder).

The supporting cast, which feels like it could have been largely borrowed from Warner Bros., includes Vivienne Osbourne, Henry Stephenson, Grant Mitchell, Charles Middleton, and Frank McHugh and Allen Jenkins providing the comic relief as a pair of wisecracking detectives. It's a tightly-paced, unpretentious and entertaining little mystery, written by Ralph Spence with a nice blend of suspense and humor, and directed by Ray Enright with a good sense of atmosphere and creative use of the spaces inside the "old dark house" setting.

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