Saturday, March 14, 2015

It Should Happen to You (1954)

Sharp and prescient satire on celebrity for its own sake. Gladys Glover wants to be famous in the worst way, so she rents out a billboard in Columbus Circle and puts her name on it, quickly becoming famous just for being famous.

Gladys Glover is the kind of "dumb blonde" character that Judy Holliday played so well, and this is certainly one of the best showcases she ever had for her comic talents. Jack Lemmon (in his screen debut) does his usual fine job as the good-hearted schnook who falls for Gladys, and Peter Lawford brings the right mix of charm and sleaze to the part of the advertising executive who spots an opportunity to exploit Gladys's newfound celebrity. Garson Kanin's clever script and George Cukor's skillful direction make this an especially observant satire that looks only more relevant in the age of reality TV and social media.

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