Saturday, February 06, 2021

Thicker Than Water (1935)

One of just three shorts that Laurel and Hardy made in 1935, their final year of producing two-reel comedies. Thicker Than Water is a fine situation comedy, with some of the team's best verbal comedy routines (the business with the rent money being passed around, and the auction scene). It seems that by this point in their films, the Boys were taking a more relaxed approach to their comedy, moving away a bit from the extended slapstick of their two-reelers from even just a couple years prior. There is a great scene of Hardy washing dishes, and Laurel placing them right back into the washbin after drying them off, which has a great payoff when Laurel puts the dishes on the hot stove flame to dry.

Daphne Pollard plays Hardy's wife, and James Finlayson is the landlord.

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